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Our Menu

Welcome to Mare e Monte, where the spirit of Albania’s rugged mountains meets the richness of Italy’s azure seas, all under the wide and welcoming Texas sky. Our plates are canvases, painted with the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean, the finesse of Italian cuisine, and the heartiness of the Lone Star State.
Here, each smile that greets you is a testament to our journey and the joy we find in sharing our fusion feast with you. Join us for a culinary adventure where every bite is a warm welcome to our world here ‘mare’ meets ‘monte,’ and every meal is a celebration of our blended heritage.

Appetizers & Salads

Calamari Fritti

Crispy semolina-breaded
calamari, served with spicy aioli
and rich marinara.


Shrimp Oreganata

Large shrimp cooked in butter,
garlic, and white wine, topped
with breadcrumb


Insalata Caprese

Burrata cheese with cherry
tomatoes and mixed greens,
topped with balsamic glaze,
served with jam.


Calamari all’Arrabbiata

Crispy calamari, delicately breaded,
served in a vibrant Arrabbiata
sauce—rich marinara harmonized
with garlic and cherry peppers.


Carciofi al Tartufo

Grilled artichokes with crispy Prosciutto di Parma, fresh mozzarella, olives, Parmigiano, and white truffle oil.


Insalata Primavera

Mixed greens with fresh
vegetables, tossed in balsamic


Ravioli Fritti

Fried ravioli, breaded in a cornflower
mix, served atop a delicate yogurt
sauce, finished with dill and cherry


Patatine al Tartufo

French fries drizzled with white truffle oil, prinkled with Parmigiano and Italian parsley,
served with spicy aioli.


Insalata Caesare

Romaine lettuce with homemade
Caesar dressing and croutons,
topped with Parmigiano.



Beef and veal meatballs served with
sauteed onions, peppers, garlic, and
tomato, finished with marinara and



Pollo al Martini

Chicken breaded in Parmigiano and
homemade breadcrumbs, cooked in
white wine, served with roasted
zucchini and carrots.


Bronx Pollo Parmigiana

Lightly breaded chicken, pan-fried,
topped with vodka sauce, fresh
mozzarella, and cherry peppers,
served with Fettuccine Alfredo.


Pollo al Marsala

Grilled chicken topped with a rich
Marsala wine and mushrooms
sauce, served alongside roasted
zucchini, carrots, and asparagus.


Pollo e Monte:

Grilled chicken topped with goat
cheese and sun-dried cherry
tomatoes, served with home
fries and finished with a lemon
butter sauce.


Pollo alla Picatta:

Grilled chicken with capers and
smooth lemon butter sauce,
served with roasted zucchini,
carrots, and asparagus.



Lasagne al Forno

Homemade pasta sheets layered with
a rich Italian sausage Bolognese,
mozzarella, ricotta, and béchamel.


Ravioli Mare e Monte

Lobster ravioli in a pink creamy
sauce, topped with chopped veal.


Risotto ai Funghi e Tartufo

Arborio rice with mushrooms,
Parmigiano, and white truffle oil.


Pasta al Nero:

Black pasta tossed in garlic and oil,
complemented by diced pancetta,
scallions, and chopped shrimp.


Penne alla Vodka

Penne in a sauce of Tito’s vodka,
San Marzano tomatoes, cream, and
diced pancetta.


Fettuccine di Parma

Fettuccine Alfredo with
mushrooms, scallions, peas, and
Prosciutto di Parma.



Vitello al Marsala

Sauteed veal topped with a rich
Marsala wine and mushroom sauce,
served alongside roasted zucchini,
carrots, and asparagus.


Vitello alla Picatta

Sauteed veal topped with capers
and a smooth lemon butter sauce,
served with roasted zucchini,
carrots, and asparagus.


Bronx Vitello Parmigiana

Lightly breaded veal, pan-fried and
topped with a vodka sauce,
mozzarella, and cherry peppers,
served with fettuccine Alfredo.



Sole Oregenata

Lemon Sole Oreganata, cooked
in white wine and topped with
homemade breadcrumbs, served
with a side of spinach and
asparagus risotto.


Salmone al Forno

Salmon topped with a
spinach cream sauce, served
with asparagus.



Bistecca e Patatine Fritte

12 oz Grilled New York Strip,
perfectly cooked and sliced,
served with French fries.


Lamb Chops

Grilled Lamb Chops, marinated
with herbs and extra virgin olive oil,
served with garlic mashed
potatoes and sauteed spinach



Home Fries


French Fries


Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Zucchini & Carrots


Fried Onions


Eggplant Permasan




Sauteed Spinach


Sauteed Mushrooms


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